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By: Theo 12.14.2K14

Shooting movies with your iPhone is a challenge. Maybe that’s why you’re not recording current events?

Let me tell you why it is so important to take movies. Whatever happens to you in life will never happen again. A well known actor who had a stand up routine in the 1960’s said it well. Not sure if I can recollect his exact words, but this is what he said in a nutshell:

“ … Remember when you and your friends got together by accident and had one of the best time of your life? Then, all of you agreed to do this again because it was so much fun? The truth is, the next time you guys got together it was not the same, no matter how hard you tried. The fun and spontaneity wasn’t there and the whole thing was a bust.
Well, that just shows you can never, ever do the same thing  twice in your life. You can do similar, but never the same. Think about it… “

That brings us back to making movies. When anything happens in your life and you really want to remember it, what do you do? Take a snapshot. You can look at a picture all you want but that picture is dead. It has no life in it whatsoever. Yes, you can remember it well for a while but as time moves on, your memory fades a bit and the picture is just a picture frozen in that fraction of a second. Don’t you wish you had movies of your loved ones and kick yourself for not taking movies? If you are like most of us, (and I am not excluded) we’re just too lazy to drag out the camcorder with a dead battery and by the time we have it charged up, the whole thing is over. Meh, what the hell, just snap a picture and I am good… you thought. Who can argue with that? At least you have a picture. Right?

You have one thing in your favor today, your iPhone in your pocket. Well , it doesn’t matter if it’s  a Samsung or a Nokia. You already know it takes decent pictures and maybe you gave it shot and rolled a few frames now and then and made a ‘movie’. The images are alive and as you watch it a bunch of times, you catch something you didn’t notice before. The emotional connection to that particular time of your life is there forever. You can’t do that with a static picture.

Pictures are dead, movies are alive, yeah, it’s a moving image!

I am always thrilled to see a movie shot by a person, of ordinary things in everyday life or people in general. One of the first real movie clips and oldest known footage was made in France (1890’s) shows a few minutes of film as a train comes into a station and people step off the carriages and walk past the camera. Most of them don’t know about this new invention and looking at the machine (camera) and man behind cranking it.
What really intrigued me is the how those people dressed back in those days.

This link is not the one I saw but will do for illustration. It was a much better film with very clear images, unlike this one below:

So, it is true Hollywood didn’t make up all those costumes out of the blue. The mannerism of the people with their starched collars, walking sticks and the ladies wearing their best outfits.  I watched that short clip many times and it felt like I was there, back in the 1800’s. Play the movie again and wonder what happened to those people and what kind of life they lived. There is more to recorded history when you see a short movie clip like this one.

This clip made me aware of the importance of film as a documentary. Just imagine, if the cave man’s first invention would have been a movie camera. I know it’s improbable, but imagine it for a minute… You’d see all our past history as it happened and not rely on faulty memories.

It’s bad enough that in our life time the academia re write history because it was not politically correct to current ideology. So much for true history unless… you make movies!

Youtube made it possible for all of us to post billions of movie clips. People 200 years from now will have a treasure trove of historical footage. The everyday-life we all lived. From the mundane to the spectacular. Yeah, and don’t forget those cute cats getting millions of hits :)
Hey, it’s what people like and you can’t argue with that.

So, lets get back to our subject matter.
Why are you not taking movies is the question. Lets face it, phone/cameras are not the most perfect thing to use for movies. It’s difficult to hold and a pain to take more than a few minutes of footage before you give up.  Lets suppose you are taking movies but it looks like crap. It’s jittery, shaky cam footage and you don’t have much control over this beast. It doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the first thing you need is to stop all this shaky-cam thing. You can mount it on a tripod or something to lean it against so it won’t tip over. The footage may not be shaky this time but it’s sort of lifeless. But still beats static images.

You need some kind of rig you can hold comfortably and be able to shoot more than a minute. There is no shortage of all kinds of rigs you can think of. Some of them look real cool and some of them actually are practical and works but most of them are a pain to setup and lug around. So, we’re back to the laziness factor of not bothering with the movies as the easy way out.

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